Saturday, June 7, 2008

Loyalty Oath For Gay People

Dear Gay Hillary Fans for McCain.
Thank you for voting against your own interests and principles. Here is a loyalty oath you can sign!

I _______________ pledge to transfer my support from Hillary Clinton to John McCain. I agree to do all I can do to get McCain the vote. In order to achieve this noble goal I promise to support McCain's
  • promise to protect "the sanctity of marriage as between a man and woman."
  • commitment to banning federal recognition of gay marriage and domestic partnerships.
  • commitment to the Army's Don't ask don't tell policy and acknowledge that "even reopen the issue" would be a "terrific mistake."
As a gay person I promise to apply McCain's principles to my own life and vow to

  • Vote for John McCain
  • Stop engaging in gay sex
  • enroll in a program to treat my homosexuaity and "straighten" myself out, such as A M.A.N.S. (Masculinity, Authenticity, Need Fulfillment, Surrender) Journey:
  • install nanny cams in my house
  • Admit that fellow homosexuals and I are responsible for natural disasters, including Katrina
Once McCain is elected, I will continue to support him and I will not complain about my loss of civil rights.

Continue to refrain from gay sex

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